Who we are

Vergalli Study Design & Furniture was born in 2002 as the result of Paolo Vergalli’s decennial experience in interior architecture.

Projects are fruit of research between technology, materials, style and design.

The costumer requirements are interpreted by a high professional assistance.

Critical and selective choice of collaborators, suppliers and craftsmen has allowed the STUDIO “VERGALLI DESIGN” to achieve highly valued results from customers and to ensure turnkey integrated projects.

Recently, the business also included the development of some ‘Formats’ related to catering, with the acquisition of brands of primary importance in the industry.

An indispensable aid to creativity and innovation is guaranteed by the knowledge and use of the best hardware and software resources on the market both in the design phase and execution phase.

Furniture has been made using modern pantographs capable of creating shapes that were impossible.

With these premise we want to list some of the main achievements and better illustrate what anticipated in these introductory notes.

Our services

Budgeting and commercial technical analysis

Elaboration of analytical estimates: computing the quantities, analysis of production and assembly costs, estimates of management costs and commercial costs.

Setting the order

Preparation of preliminary budgets.
Time planning.
Intervention management strategies.

Executive and constructive design

Development of executive drawings for the development of design details.
Drafting of the technical drawings for production.

Procurement and evaluation offers

Drafting of batches of contracts.
Identifying potential suppliers.
Technical-economic evaluations of the offers.

Monitoring and quality control

Supplier control activities to guarantee project specifications, quality, and time.

Construction supervision

Start-up and management of the work yard.
Constant updates to monitor the performance of the job.


Providing everything you need, through our proven team of professionals, craftsmen and companies.


Expert assembly teams able to intervene in the different areas of interior supply.


Service also after sales with dedicated and fast interventions.


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Vergalli Design & Furniture

Via Baioni, 5/a
24123 Bergamo





Fax: +39 035 2282107
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